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Save Skin Treatments Membership


$ 47
Per Week
  • Monthly Level 1 Enzyme Therapy Treatment
  • Monthly FREE LED Upgrade
  • 10% Off Retail Products
  • Annual Birthday Gift
  • Priority Booking


$ 64
Per Week
  • Choose any 13 Advanced Facial Treatments over the 12 months
  • FREE Brow Sculpt or Eyebrow Tint each month
  • 10% Off Full Priced Facial Treatments
  • 15% Off Full Priced Retail Products
  • Annual Birthday Gift
  • PLUS FREE LED Treatment for first 20 clients!


$ 61
Per Week
  • Level 1 Enzyme Therapy Treatment
  • Level 1 + 2 Enzyme Therapy Treatment
  • 4x Level 2 Enzyme Therapy Treatments - Desquamate, QP RVT Actrol Basic
  • 6x Level 3 Enzyme Therapy Treatments - Cryo Pro x , Eliminare, Actrol Advanced, Instant Lift
  • Level 4 Enzyme Therapy Treatments - ProLift

If your skin keeps you on the edge of your seat with unexpected plot twists (read: flaming-faced flare-ups), you’re probably dealing with Rosacea. The skincare saga that keeps you guessing, TV soap operas have nothing on this skin drama. 

But fear not. Our skincare superheroes are here to bring calm to the chaos. With treatments rivalling any blockbuster scene change, we’re ready to turn your skincare spectacle into a story of delight. Because in the epic novel of your life, Rosacea may be a chapter, but it certainly won’t steal the show!

If you’re done with Rosacea insisting on being the centre of attention, reminding you of its presence with every subtle sip of wine, taste of spicy food, or wave of its unexpected heat. Our Rosacea Skin Club Membership can help with that.

There is no one cause of rosacea, but scientists agree that the condition is hereditary and includes defects in the immune, nervous, or vascular systems, therefore, it is best to start slowly to re-balance and strengthen the skin, using alternate treatment formulations that help to nurture your immune, nervous and vascular systems to bring them back to being the heroes they are, and giving you for best skin results results not red skinned results. Healing takes time but with our Skin Membership you can expect results that last and help to.

Our Rosacea treatments help to restore the balance that is needed in a very somewhat delicate environment. 


$ 63
Per Week
  • 5x Level 2 Enzyme Therapy Treatments - Prozyme, Pro Alpha, Desq, QP, Bihaku
  • 4x Level 3 Enzyme Therapy Treatments - Actrol Advanced, Hydradermaze, Cryo Pro x Alpha Bright
  • 3x Skin Needling
  • Vitamin A Peel

It’s like your skin’s decided to express itself through abstract art, leaving splotches and spots everywhere with mindless direction, refusing to stay within the lines. Dark spots, sunspots, and freckles – it’s like a chaotic art class where your skin is the rebellious student. Making you appear older than your years and not feel the way you want to. 

Some would say, ‘Isn’t this just your skin’s way of showing character?’ Well, darling, while a bit of character is charming, we’re sure you’d prefer your skin not to moonlight as an abstract art exhibit. Let’s face it – Picasso’s style is better left to canvases, not your complexion.

Fear not! Our skincare wonder workers are armed with wands (skin-needling ones and a pigment clean-up plan) ready to vanquish those pigment spots. Because in the grand gallery of skincare, your face deserves a timeless, flawless masterpiece – not an abstract interpretation of pigment pandemonium.

DMK offers specially formulated pigmentation treatment regardless of what caused the discolouration.Our programme is designed to help remove the discolouration that is sitting in the upper layers of skin, whilst reducing the production of more. Pigmentation is a little like an umbrella designed to protect the DNA of the cell,unfortunately you can’t just snap it shut as the body tends to produce more, you have to slowly close it for the best results. Our Level 2 treatments help to lift off and lighten, before we move onto more advanced treatments which resurface and accelerate the reduction and effective pigmentation removal, while retraining the skin to function as it did when it was younger.

It goes without saying that sunscreen should be your best friend during the daylight hours.


$ 61
Per Week
  • 7x Level 2 Enzyme Therapy Treatments - Desq, Pro Alpha, Prozyme, Muscle Banding x4
  • 3x Level 3 Enzyme Therapy Treatments - Actrol Advanced, Hydradermaze, RP Facial
  • Level 4 Enzyme Therapy Treatments - ProLift
  • 2x Skin Needling

Erase Years, Reveal Beauty, Revitalise You

Each passing day adds to the chapters of your life journey. As time progresses, your skin changes, losing its natural elasticity and collagen. This transformation manifests as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Age spots and pigmentation become more noticeable, accompanied by reduced volume due to decreasing collagen levels with every additional year. You can start not to look and feel like you anymore.

DMK Skin Revision treatments revise the signs of ageing and environmental damage through the restoration of optimal skin function. Effective resurfacing procedures regulate ageing by opening the doors, making it easier to remove any old cellular material. Incorporating the additional masques available to skin therapists at this level helps tighten and tone, building up collagen WHERE NEEDED.

Finally, these treatments end with DMK Transepidermal Finishing Protocol. The transepidermal delivery nutrition system is designed to restore vital nutrients, proteins, amino acids and moisture at a cellular level.)

Our Age Management programme has been customised to give your skin the ability to look and feel as it did when you were younger. 

Old redundant dead cell material that can give the skin a dull lifeless complexion is removed and water levels in the skin are restored with our series of Level 2 Enzyme treatments, which aid the skin to start performing, literally bringing it back to life, moving onto our  Muscle Banding technique that is unique in its ability to help lift and tighten, tired, sagging facial muscles. We then move into our advanced  treatments to resurface, and retrain the skin to function like it was young, strong and healthy.

Pro Lift, RP and Skin Needling help to revise the architecture of your skin. A solid foundation, helps in the preservation of healthy and attractive skin.

Discover the science behind our proven anti-ageing therapies.


$ 62
Per Week
  • Level 1 Enzyme Therapy Treatment
  • 5x Level 2 Enzyme Therapy Treatments - Prozyme, Quick Peel, Actrol Basic, RVT
  • 6x Level 3 Enzyme Therapy Treatments - Eliminare, Actrol Advanced, Alpha Bright, DPE, Hydradermaze, Alphazyme
  • Vitamin A Peel

Acne and congestion, despite their commonality, represent distinct challenges, and nobody likes having them around. Imagine acne as that intrusive mate who never respects personal space, showing up at every gathering uninvited and leaving behind a visible trail of irritation, harm and unhappiness.

In contrast, congestion resembles the bothersome roommate quietly causing disruptions—clogging the sink with hair and toothpaste. Although not as overt as acne, dealing with congestion can evoke a similar sense of frustration and vexation.

You wish both were someplace else. 

Well, now you can with our Acne treatment……Starting with our Level 1 Enzyme to help bring the skin back into homeostasis. Next, we then progress to using different pre exfoliants in levels 2&3  combined with our powerful Enzyme Masque Therapy to remove deep seated congestion to return your happy, healthy, functioning skin. 


Routine treatments provide the best results and our memberships afford exclusive discounts which translate to significant savings over the course of multiple treatments.

No. Anyone can book an appointment from our menu of treatments. Being a member affords savings on select treatments and other benefits if you come in regularly.

Memberships are 12 months, however at checkout you have the option to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Offers can be combined if indicated in the terms and conditions of the coupon or promotion. We also have exclusive member-only offers and promotions provided seasonally to enhance member savings.

While we’ll miss you dearly – yes, you can cancel your membership at any time and your renewal will not be processed for the year.

We are here to help! Please contact us here with any questions.

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